ART Island

A metaverse gallery based on a real island

Located just off the shore of Indonesia this island will be filled with unique physical and virtual artworks by modern artists from all over the world.


Physical exposition

Physical art objects on the island will change during the year and the passengers of the passing boats will have a chance to stop by and experience the island by foot.

Natural Gallery

This will be a unique open-air gallery with exclusive possibilities of art and nature integration.

Metaverse exposition

This island has its own Metaverse. There it is a virtual art gallery for thousands of curated pieces of digital art — NFTs — made by the most talented creators of the planet.

Meta Art

Here the space stretches and the time shifts. The virtual gallery houses dozens of halls full of artworks and is potentially endless.


A unique multi-level art project

The physical island will welcome the selected few who are ready to travel the world to see the unique art.


The real time machine


Travel back in time

The collections in the Metaverse gallery will change with time, but the users will be able to travel back in time to see the exhibitions that took place weeks, months, years ago.


Follow the project

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